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Prologue from Yeshua: Boyhood of the Christ

Aeons ago, before the orbits of galaxies and planets were set in motion, the clock of creation began to tick in the heavens, as the fires of stars being born burned in far-flung outer space. This was the Big Beginning. Time was flowing everywhere into the early Universe like the floating of a deep, infinite river.

A long while later, around the centre of the Milky Way, the Sun arose as a mighty force, pulling flying rocks and vast clouds of gas towards its light, enfolding them in a majestic, new strength.

About a hundred million miles away in this space kingdom, there was a small planet which was much loved. It was called Earth.  There, gases, water and particles were carefully nurtured to bring forth air to breath. There, life could grow from the sacred space-dust into all its pre-ordained forms: fish, birds, animals and, then, humans.

These last created beings were not the least important; rather, they were destined to be the supreme mortals, rising up to rule Earth. Speech was created for them, so that they could communicate with the Immortal who had made light and all the laws of Nature, which were not yet understood.

Such were the many skills and strengths of the humans, and such was the power of their speech, all bundled up with many failings, that history yielded its mighty and bloody progress.

In fertile valleys of the Near East, riverine civilisations sprang up and flourished. Humanity expanded in size, wealth and knowledge. Wars began to break out over who possessed what.

The aspiration to know God was more than matched by the maker’s own love for all living creation, especially for the highest of his creatures. Yet, their history blended, in equal measure, wisdom and foolishness, goodness and evil. And then there came a time when the oppression of humans by their own kind reached epic proportions, even greater than in previous times of grave evil during the rise and fall of empires.

So deep became the fissure between good and bad within the human heart, and so great became the wanton destruction that resulted, that God unleashed his greatest weapon of peace. This was an unknown and secret form of divine love, which could break the chains of servitude to sin.

Here, then, is the Second Beginning for the world.

This was the creator’s plan for redemption. It opened a new time for all, when the bright morning star announced what had already been written long, long ago.