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The Courage to Believe: How faith can stay strong in a world gone wrong

The Faith Today Trilogy ends with a gritty, unflinching book about maintaining faith and courage in a dangerous world gone badly wrong.

Lee shares dozens of real-life examples of captains of courage and change in history and in modern society who overcame difficulties and challenges in the good fight of their faith.

Through his own soul-searching, the author and futurist delves into a spiritual perspective on disturbing contemporary realities like the global persecution of faith-based peoples, gender-based violence, racism and xenophobia, climate change, pandemics and the rise in major Western societies of what he calls theophobia – the fear of all things divine and godly.

Uncovering the nature of change we must all face, including how to understand evolving technologies and changing cultural values from a basis of faith, The Courage to Believe shares spiritual resources and inspiring true-life human interest stories of people of faith which will convince the reader we can find our destiny and purpose in the midst of a world of chaos.

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