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Earthrise 2036

It is one million years ago in the Cradle of Humankind. A small family of hominids is eking out a precarious existence on the sunbaked Southern African savannah when their son falls down a sinkhole during a bush fire and disappears below earth. Will mother, father and son ever be reunited?

From this raw, fast-paced prehistoric adventure, Earthrise 2036 invites the reader to go on a journey through evolutionary time to the dawn of nuclear power, vividly depicting the horror of Hiroshima after the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on the city at the end of World War 2. Then, with intense documentary realism, the novel enables the reader to relive the wonders of the first human spaceflight when Yuri Gagarin stunned the world by rocketing into orbit to see the whole earth as one for the first time in mankind’s history.

Lee takes the reader deeper into the space age with a realistic depiction of the inaugural landing of humans on the Moon in a daring and epic achievement of modern science. The fifth and final section is pure science fiction as the novel explores the solar system with a spaceman who doesn’t know if he is dead or alive and whether he’s about to discover the greatest secret of the universe, namely, is it possible to travel at the speed of light and, if it is, what world waits beyond on the other side of light?

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