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Not Yet in Heaven: More Intimate Haiku

In Michael J. Lee’s second volume of haiku, the poet presents 355 new poems in his highly personal style, including impressions of the world and nature passing him by, reflections of single insights or statements of ideas and principles of life. Vivid and authentic expressions, Lee’s haiku encapsulate thoughts and experiences with an unexpected force achieved through clarity of vision, intensity of feeling and precision of language.

Haiku in Not Yet in Heaven capture moments in time when living seemed to be at its most real for the poet. From commenting on current social issues to observing the four seasons at work, and from providing local colour about life in Cape Town to encapsulating speculative thoughts about God, these miniature verses will stimulate the reader’s own perceptions and thinking.

In a universe made up of atoms and other particles endlessly recycling, life comes to us mostly in small, but potent, moments.

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