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Lord of the Bats (Metamorphosis: Stories of a Transplanted Man Book 2)

In the first book in the series, Chrysalis, Jerry Fischer, suffering from muscular dystrophy, undergoes the world’s first head transplant, to become a person with a new body and then, a few years later, a full-body cyborg. Then he mysteriously disappears after a bizarre “funeral for a head”.

Now, in Lord of the Bats, Jerry makes a dramatic return in the heart of the Southern African bush, leading a colony of migrating fruit bats as he, along with some family members and friends, attempt to discover the secret of human immunity, against the backdrop of a Nova Ebola pandemic that breaks out during this period.

When the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense tries to find out how the virus spread from bats to humans, a race is set in motion to find a cure for the exploding Ebola epidemic before a military attack is launched to exterminate the bat colony Jerry now rules. 

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